4. Paycer Prototype

In this chapter, the current development state of the Paycer prototype is highlighted. The following screenshots are real representations of the prototype, not sketches or mockups. Since the Paycer team is working on the prototype in a very agile way and is pursuing many different approaches, the final appearance of the prototype could still change significantly. A number of UI functionalities are already available, and the user can log in with his wallet (e.g., MetaMask). Several smart contracts are already implemented. In the next weeks, new versions of the prototype will be released every one-to-two weeks. More functions will be gradually integrated into the prototype. The latest prototype development status is freely accessible at and will transparently reflect the development progress for the community. The code is also publicly available in the Paycer git repository. A mainstream user would probably be overwhelmed by this user interface. Therefore, the processes on the Paycer platform will look much simpler, something like the following: Invest money? [yes] [amount] [ok] done. However, the Paycer prototype platform will create real value for the Paycer token during the early stages of the project because it will already allow token holders to stake their PCR.

4.1 Portfolio Page

Figure 5 displays the current stage of the portfolio interface; this view will act as a dashboard for the user where all investments, account balance, risk profile, and savings are displayed.
Figure 5 Portfolio page where a user can see his account balance, investments, savings, and risk profile

4.2 Invest Page

Figure 6 shows the invest page of the prototype where all available investments are displayed. The user can filter for different parameters: name, APR, risk, asset, or address. The user can make an investment in one or more of the investments products. The investment products are strategies generated by Paycer that aggregate different DeFi products.
Figure 6 Invest page where a user can invest in combined DeFi products

4.3 Staking Reward Page

In Figure 7, the staking reward page is displayed; this section can only be displayed when the user has connected his wallet. From this view, the user can stake his PCR tokens and claim PCR token rewards.
Figure 7 Staking Reward page where a user can stake his Paycer tokens to earn rewards