6. Go-To Market Strategy

The following sections describe how and to whom Paycer will offer its products and services. The different phases and customer groups that Paycer will address are also discussed.

6.1 Go-To Market Phases

Paycer's go-to market strategy is divided into four phases. In phase one, only the core crypto and DeFi users will be addressed with a decentralized MVP and an IDO. In phase two, Paycer will target cryptocurrency users and investors who are not yet experienced with DeFi. These groups will be reached with the simple-to-use fiat and crypto Paycer platform that streamlines all the DeFi processes and UIs. This targeted group will only represent a fraction of the population since only a small percentage have invested in cryptocurrencies so far. However, the feedback from this rather technical and sophisticated user group will provide good input to further improve the platform and implement new features. In phase three, Paycer will start to include people that are already investing money in stocks, ETFs, and other investment products. This user group cares about their money, and they spend time searching for good investment opportunities; they will be addressed with an easy-to-use platform that uses fiat money as an entry point and by offering them interest rates that are above the average of ETFs. To address this target group, the product needs to be secure, stable, and legal. The targeted group for phase four will be the average mainstream end customer. This user group has mostly heard of Bitcoin but have no real idea as to how it works or what a blockchain is. This user group spends very little time researching finance or investment products. Paycer will address this group by very simple processes and UIs; for example, they can transfer money to their Paycer accounts, click “invest,” and start earning interest rates. The offered product also needs to be very low risk since this target group will most likely want to take the least risk of all the groups targeted. Since this group is considered the largest, it will be crucial to address them and win them over as Paycer customers.

6.2 Marketing Channels

Paycer will use various social media platforms to address new customers and grow the community. Currently, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Medium are used for this purpose. In the early phases, Paycer will focus on articles, blogs, influencers, etc. that are related to the crypto and blockchain space. In phases three and four, Paycer will switch to media, articles, blogs, and influencers within the finance sector and from there move on to more mainstream media and influencers. One important marketing tool will be a referral program that will be released when the platform is live. This referral program will allow users to get free tokens when they recruit new users who make deposits on the platform. Paycer will also use online advertising like Google AdSense and paid ads on social media platforms. Partnerships with other platforms and companies will also help to grow the userbase and community.