7. The Paycer Team

The Paycer team consists of experienced experts who have reached at least senior level in their respective fields, which include entrepreneurship, architecture, law, design, frontend, backend, and blockchain development. The team members have several decades of combined experience in the successful implementation and launch of small, medium, and enterprise-scale IT projects. We are proud to have established such a strong team that is absolutely capable of developing outstanding DeFi and CeDeFi products. Anyone who develops DeFi applications is currently moving in a regulatory gray area, which is why our team is also strongly positioned when it comes to legal issues. The Paycer team has the drive, commitment, and expertise to make the Paycer project a success story.

Richard Vo

Founder and Smart Contract Architect
Richard has been working as a full-stack developer for over 17 years. In addition, he has been engaged with blockchain technology for several years and has worked as a freelance developer for an ICO. In 2020, he founded his own web development company based in Hamburg, Germany. He is also very experienced in the development of smart contracts and has used DeFi solutions since the beginning.

Nils Gregersen

Founder and Solution Architect
When Nils was 24, he already managed a team of over 30 employees and held this position for over 4 years. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business informatics. In addition he developed a working prototype blockchain for his master thesis and has been active in the crypto space since early 2017. In the past five years, he has worked as a technical IT consultant and IT architect in projects for major clients at IBM. He is also an expert in cloud computing and a certified AWS architect.

Helge Ippensen

CRO and Investor Relations Manager
Helge completed an MBA with a focus on law and a state exam in public law. He worked in several positions at ABB and ThyssenKrupp before becoming head of HR at the German digital photofinisher CeWe Color. He then started working in the public sector with a focus on innovation strategies and economic development. Simultaneously, he was the CEO of UBI Consulters. In 2018, he started his own real estate business, HPI Consulting, and in 2020, he co-founded webrigade.

Kristine Lampe-Dreyer

Lawyer: Contract Law and Data Protection
Kristine is a fully qualified lawyer specializing in contract and data protection law. She has worked in various important positions in the public administration sector. Recently, she has been responsible for the implementation of legal matters related to digital instruments to combat pandemics such as Luca app and the Digital Health Pass, and she is part of HPI Consulting. She will keep a close eye on contractual topics and data protection at Paycer.

Patrick Charrier

Senior Blockchain Developer
Patrick is a freelance senior software developer and architect. His experience ranges over numerous blockchain projects for medium and enterprise-level clients, and he has worked with technologies including Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, and Hedera Hashgraph. His main focus is on the integration of conventional IT services with blockchain technology. He is investing in DeFi projects because he believes there is vast disruptive potential in the financial sector.

Erdi Dogruel

Senior Blockchain Developer
Erdi is a former employee of the IBM blockchain unit. During his four years at IBM, he worked as a senior developer and lead architect in IBM’s largest blockchain projects in Europe. During his career, he built up skills in a wide variety of blockchain frameworks and programming languages. With his outstanding knowledge in the development of smart contracts and his finance background, Erdi is exceptionally well suited to implement complex DeFi processes.

Lukas Gurschler

Full-stack and DApp Developer
Lukas is a full-stack developer with a focus on modern web applications and UX. He is experienced in complex web application projects, and he founded his own web development company. When he does something, he does it with full commitment, which is evident from the fact that he was a professional CS 1.6 player at SK Gaming. In the unlikely event that he is not programming, he is probably out walking his dog or playing a good round of DotA2.

Benita Zarari

Art Director and Web Designer
Benita is a top-notch designer and has created visual identities for numerous clients. After her studies in media informatics, she was employed as a frontend developer in several startups. Afterwards, she worked full time as a UX designer in medium-sized enterprises. She is a true multi-talent and can draw extremely well. She is also greatly interested in cuisine and combines this with her passion for photography when she pursues her hobby as a food blogger.

Christian Rank

Full-stack and DApp Developer
Christian started developing at the age of 13 when he built a control panel for his game server. After teaching himself the basics, he completed an apprenticeship and became a professional fulltime developer. Then, he implemented various web applications for different clients. He is specialized in web and app development and has worked for numerous companies and industries in Germany as a freelance developer.