8. Vision and Future

In the future, Paycer would like to offer additional products and services that make it even easier for customers to integrate Paycer into their daily lives. This includes offering a credit or a bank card with which the money stored at Paycer can be accessed without any additional barriers. Paycer's roadmap for future products also includes the implementation of its own stablecoin, special crypto portfolios, and eventually the development of its own blockchain. The Paycer team will not take a break when the platform and the Paycer protocol are live and will continue to implement many more products and services. In addition, Paycer will monitor new market trends and, if applicable, incorporate them into its own products. In particular, the subject of AI in combination with DeFi and blockchain is considered an essential strategic area for future Paycer products. Paycer will work assiduously to get its own banking license. This could also enable Paycer to offer banking as a service (BaaS) to other DeFi projects and help them operate legally and well regulated.