On this page you can find detailed information about how to stake your PCR tokens. The staking is already live and will run for many years. In Total 225,000,000 PCR will be distributed via staking.

What is Staking?

Staking is providing or locking a token to get a distribution of staking rewards. Originally, staking was used for Proof of Stake (POS) blockchains. In this process, tokens are deposited as collateral for the operation of a blockchain node and rewards are paid out to the node operator. For a while now, staking has also been widely adopted in the DeFi sector to pay out interest for holding tokens. It also allows a token to receive utilities early on, before all the features of a platform have been developed. Staking is also a way to continuously bring a certain amount of additional tokens into the market that goes mainly to the early investors.

Staking PCR

Paycer also provides staking of PCR tokens on its DeFi platform Through staking, users can already put their Paycer tokens to beneficial use. Through staking there is some but little inflation of the token number and the early holders of the PCR token will be the ones who will receive the most payout in staking rewards. To participate in the staking, only PCR tokens on Polygon and a very small amount of MATIC for the gas fees are required. At the time of writing there were already over 4.1M PCR tokens staked. Impressive 30% of the maximum PCR supply will be distributed via staking to early investors. Regarding these 30%, we are talking about 225,000,000 PCR tokens that will be distributed to the community. In the future, these investors will hold large amounts of PCR tokens and will thus also be able to influence the product through their votes.

Staking APR and Loyalty Tiers

The interest rates for staking on Paycer are moderate as it is a solid and long-term project and a stable staking reward rate should be paid over a long period of time. The base rate for PCR staking is 12%. In addition, there are 4 loyalty tiers that depend on the staked amount of tokens. The loyalty tiers can increase the interest rate up to 24%.
Staked PCR Amount
Loyalty Tier
Staking Rewards Rate
< 5,000 PCR
Baserate * 1 = 12%
> 5,000 PCR
Baserate * 1.25 = 15%
> 15,000 PCR
Baserate * 1.5 = 18%
> 35,000 PCR
Baserate * 1.75 = 21%
> 100,000 PCR
Baserate * 2 = 24%
The loyalty level is determined in the staking smart contract, therefore the current loyalty tier and interest rate will be correctly displayed only after the staking process is completed.
Loyalty Tier info on Paycer Finance

How to stake?

To participate in Paycer staking, you primarily need PCR tokens that are stored in a wallet such as MetaMask. You also need a bit of MATIC for the gas fees, because the transactions take place in the Polygon network. When these conditions are met, the wallet can be connected to the website on
Connect your wallet to Paycer Finance
After you have connected your wallet and are also in the Polygon network you should see your PCR and your MATIC balance.
Wallet connected with Paycer Finance
Go to the staking section on Paycer Finance. There you can see your PCR balance and you can move the slider, click on the % values or click on the max button to choose the number of PCR tokens to stake.
Different ways to set PCR stake amount in the UI
When you set the PCR staking amount to max you will see the remaining wallet balance going to 0. You can then click on "Deposit" to start the staking process.
Number of tokens to stake set to max, remaining wallet balance is 0
After clicking on "Deposit" a modal will open where you see a summary of the staking details. By clicking on the "Approve" button you will start the actual transaction that then still needs to be confirmed in your wallet.
PCR Staking modal click "Approve" to start the transaction
After clicking on "Approve" your wallet (in this case MetaMask) should request a confirmation in a new window. Click on "Confirm" to start the on-chain staking transaction. After the transaction is processed your PCR tokens are successfully staked.
Confirm the staking in your wallet
After the transaction is processed on the blockchain (Polygon) you should see a success message from your wallet (here: MetaMask) and from Paycer Finance. However sometimes the blockchain is clogged and it takes a long time to complete the transaction. Therefore, it can sometimes happen that no success message is displayed by Paycer Finance. If a confirmation is displayed in or from the wallet, this is sufficient. Web3 is still in its early days.
Transaction confirmed
After staking the PCR tokens you can see all the related info in the staking dashboard, like daily rewards, monthly rewards and the number of staked tokens. On the right side you can claim your staking rewards. If you want to unstake staked PCR tokens you just need to move the slider to the left side or click on min and then click "Withdraw".
Staking dashboard on Paycer Finance
If you like to dig deeper into the underlying technology, you can find the Paycer staking smart contract on Polygon here: