Token Supply

On this Page you can find detailed information about the current circulating supply of the PCR token. We will update this page and add more information from time to time.

1. Token release schedule

Please find the PCR token release schedule below for the first year:
First year release of PCR Tokens (Staking and Liquidity Mining are theoretical values)
Please find an interactive version until end of 2024 below:

2. Top 12 "Holders" of PCR

Some people have asked questions about who is behind these wallets, here is a small breakdown of the top 12 token "holders". Most of these tokens are locked in smart contracts or on a vesting IDO wallet. Please find an explanation for each position below:
Top 12 PCR token "holders"
You can check the top PCR holders yourself by following this link:

3. PCR Distribution over 8 Years

This chart gives an estimation of how the PCR token quantity is likely to grow within the first 8 years (96 months):
Estimation of how the PCR Supply could evolve over the first 8 years
If you have any further questions or need support please visit our Paycer Telegram channel:
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