Moon Veil 1

On this page you can find detailed information about the current status and roadmap of Paycer. The info will be updated after every sprint (2 weeks).
Paycer Moon Veil Sprint Update

Paycer Workload/Roadmap

Even though we are in the crypto space where time seems to run faster than in the real world, progress takes some time. To make our current subjects, work and progress more transparent for the community we export most of our current Jira tickets and make them publicly available. A few tickets that we classify as confidential will be filtered out. Our development sprints have a duration of two weeks. We plan to update the current published tasks every 2 weeks.
The main topics we are working on at the moment are:
  • Banking Partnership
  • Venture Capital
  • Exchange Listings
  • Infrastructure Partnerships
  • Paycer.Finance Development
  • Paycer Platform Development
  • Paycer Company Related Topics
  • Marketing Related Topics
The current development sprint is called “Moon Veil”. Please find all the current tickets and their status below: