Wireless Frog 3

On this page you can find detailed "Wireless Frog" update of the Paycer roadmap. The info will be updated after every sprint (2 weeks).
Paycer Wireless Frog Update


The main topics the Paycer team is working on at the moment are:
  • Banking Partnership
  • Legal Matters
  • Exchange Listings
  • Infrastructure Partnerships
  • Paycer.Finance Development (DeFi)
  • Paycer Platform Development (CeDeFi)
  • Paycer Company Related Topics
  • Marketing
During the "Wireless Frog" sprint we were able to finish some important development topics but also onboarded 3 new Paycer team members that will help to increase the progress even further. We also decided that it makes more sense to only show the tickets that have been fully finished during the sprint. One of the biggest achievements during the sprint was the MEXC listing. We also made good progress regarding legal matters. A few private tickets were excluded from the export. Please find the update below.
Tickets that were finished during Wireless Frog Sprint